National Team

Since 1960 Federashon Futbol Boneriano has had a national team. Federashon Futbol Boneriano is one of the 41 teams that are participating in the Concacaf Nations League. The first edition of the Concacaf Nations League was in 2019. The 41 nations that participate in this League are from North-America, Central- America and the Caribbean. The CNL was created to provide more meaningful and competitive games, when friendly matches were usually played. Next to that, it was also noted that some nations were playing only a very few games each year, the CNL gives these nations the chance to regular play competitive football. Currently, FFB is playing in division C in the poule with the Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands.

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These are the players who were part of the national team during the CONCACAF Nations League 2019:


·       Alberseeto Cecilia

·       Jurven Clara

·       Rishison Frans

·       Jeremy Loogman


·       Robbert Barendse

·       Sigrel Burnet

·       Marnix Eustachia

·       Robert Frans 

·       Igmard Gijsbertha

·       Leomar Janga

·       Rilove Janga

·       Rudolph Kastaneer

·       Teun Martens

·       Curty-Son Piard

·       Jamison Sint Jago

·       Ger-G Winklaar


·       Yannick Bekman 

·       Naygel Coffie 

·       Giovanny Janga

·       Jurven Koffy

·       Giovanie Makaai

·       Edshel Martha 

·       Lacey Pauletta

·       Gilbertson Piard

·       Omar Semeler

·       Adri Serberie

·       Tom Verbeek

·       Jermaine Windster

·       Farson Rijna


·       Aquino Cecilia

·       Yurick Seinpaal 

·       Jursten Trinidad

·       Ilfred Piar

·       Ayrton Cicilia

·       Derrick Lugo


Highlights - Bonaire vs Bahamas


Highlights - British Virgin Islands vs Bonaire


Nations League 2019

The qualification of the Nations League 2019 just finished. With second place in the group, Bonaire can be satisfied. With the new head coach Brian van den Bergh, Bonaire got 7 points in the first edition of the Concacaf Nations League. Multiple records are broken by the squad, the future looks promising for Bonaire. An overview with the records that are broken are listed down below:

  • First time Bonaire win 2 games in the Tournament.

  • First time Bonaire Score more than 2 goals in a match. 

  • 10 goals scored for Bonaire in a group stage. 

  • 7 youth players were part of the selection in this tournament. 

  • 4 youth players made their debut. 

  • 3 Dutch players made their debut with the National team. 

  • Bonaire had chances till the last game to promote. 

The staff of the national team consists out of the following members:

  • Brian van den Bergh - Head Coach

  • Terence Da Costa Gomez - Asistance Coach

  • Alejandro Raphaela - Physical Trainer

  • Peter van Beers - Keeper Trainer

  • Gregorio Pourier - Fisio

  • Steven Cicilia - Team Manager

  • Wildfred Piar - Head of Delegation

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